un-green fashion houses

2009 July 12, Sunday

I was in Taipei recently and stayed at the very nice Éclat Hotel on Dunhua South Road.  And right next to it is a boutique of a very famous fashion house.  I noticed the store lights were on through the night.  Not just in the windows but the whole store.  (well, as much as I could see. up to the stairs leading upstairs)   THAT IS SO NOT GREEN!  My friend and I were disgusted.

Well, this is just one of the many stores that are doing this.  I know these fashion houses are super rich and the electricity bills are nothing to them.  But it’s not the money!  It’s contributing to global warming!!!

I wish for them to realize they can help change by simply not leaving all those hot, hot helium lights on during off-hours.  Perhaps just the ones in the shop front windows be on.  They are leaders in the fashion retail and have a great following.  If they help spread the word many people will also follow.


One Response to “un-green fashion houses”

  1. Lionel Leong said

    HiHi, I agreed with you for going GREEn.Save the planet. When are you coming bk to singapore? Hope you can call me or email me when you are back. catch up with u again. Cheers.

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