people at parties

2009 July 5, Sunday

I was at the grand opening of a major store recently and while happily catching up with people I have not seen for some time, was also observing how the guests presented themselves.

At these parties, there are several types of people.  There’ll be the celebrities who would be dressed head-to-toe in the the brand which invited them.  Some of them would make the effort to have their hair and makeup done professionally (if they are not good with their own), and look fabulous.  While some who can’t do a decent job but did it themselves anyway, will look somehow incomplete.  And even when they had the privilege of picking a whole get-up from the brand, they picked the wrong pieces.  ie.  bearing their flabby arms or legs, unflattering their body shapes or height etc.

As a celebrity, you ought to know that you’d be most people’s focus when you walk in and people would scrutinize you more.  So I feel that you should make more effort to look good.  After all, if you accepted the invitation, shouldn’t you do your part and shine?

Then there are guests who, like the celebs, will either have themselves groomed professionally or DIT (Do-It-Themselves).  Some would look even better than the celebs while some probably went to not so good hair and makeup people and came looking “not-so-high-end”.  My point here is, just like fashion, hair and makeup has their grades too.  It doesn’t mean that you go to just any pro and you’ll look good.  The taste and touch of these pros do matter.  I mean, you have the best fashion on your body, but neck up you look just so-so.  That will just “drown” the beautiful garment you have on.  And you will just sink into the ocean of people and not stand out in the crowd.  And PLEASE…… have the right shoes and accessories on too!

This is my few cents worth.  Please share your views if you have any. 🙂


4 Responses to “people at parties”

  1. kiki said

    oh no… now i am trying to recall how i looked that night haha! you have to teach me how to do a red lip properly! and i always anyhow line my eyes :\

    • ClaRence said

      You looked just fine. 🙂 You were yourself and not try-hard to look glam or drama. I’ve always thought you have your own sense of style and not a fashion victim in any way. Please stay that way. We need more people with their own style and not lookbook duplicates. CHEERS!!! 😉

  2. Keith Png said

    I totally agree with you Clarence!!! Looking good is about the entire package from head to toe… the Hair/ Make-up, Dress, Accessories and Shoes… no one should short change themselves… seek help if you are not able to “DIY” 🙂

  3. sarasah said

    I think someone should tell A de Cruz that she looked like a flamingo that swallowed a dinosaur.
    Those thunder Ts(!!!)… are case in point: Second paragraph.

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