green-ing away

2009 June 23, Tuesday

I am still smiling in my heart for this lady made my day!  😀

I was in line to pay for my purchase at Watsons earlier and I heard the lady in front of me asked if it was ok if she didn’t have the bag cuz the cashier had already put her purchases in it.  In my heart I was saying, “of course it’s perfectly ok!”  I saw that she had a few items like facial cotton and a few folders.  So I was very happy to witness a fellow “green” person in action.  After I have paid for my dental floss, the cashier had wanted to put it in a small bag which I quickly told her I didn’t need a bag.  The lady  who was before me turned to me and gave me a big grin.  I guess she must’ve felt the way I did towards her.  I gave her the thumbs up action in response to her smile.  BIG SMILE!!!  We need more people like her.


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