green note #4 – flushing system

2009 May 28, Thursday

I remember being very impressed when I first saw a toilet flushing system on my first visit to Tokyo in 1997.  It had an outlet above the water tank that will have water flowing out when the toilet is flushed.  You can wash your hands with the water which will flow into the tank to be used for flushing later.  Cool huh?  Up till now, I still haven’t seen this system being used here or in other countries.  I wonder why…

Another way to save water is to put two filled 500-600ml bottles into the flushing cistern so that less water will be used for each flush.  And I normally use the half flush option even for “big business”.  😉


the smart flushing system in Japan

the smart flushing system in Japan


4 Responses to “green note #4 – flushing system”

  1. edwin ho said

    this is gross…the same water they use for the flusing and use that to wash your hand…GROSS! 🙂

  2. Danny Tang said

    yoz clarence,

    this type got a karaoke pub behind maxwell…call C U
    been there a few yrs liao…just that it doesn’t dispense water from the tap anymore hahaha

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