green note #3 – bottled water

2009 May 27, Wednesday

One of the many things that’s always disturbed me is that at events or productions, there’ll always be half drunk bottles of mineral water lying around waiting to be thrown away.  This is because some people would drink halfway and leave their bottles around and later get mixed up and open new bottles again.  It may not be expensive, but why such a waste when there’s no need to?  We can simply mark our bottles to avoid that.  Water is really precious and we should try to preserve them as much as we can.  There are millions of people out there who would die for just a sip of clear fresh water.  Please think about it…


2 Responses to “green note #3 – bottled water”

  1. Keith Png said

    Any suggestions on how we can recycle the plastic bottles?

    • ClaRence said

      I dispose them in the recycle bins designated for empty bottles. You can also put 2 filled bottles into the flushing cistern so that less water will be used with each flush. Which brings us to green note #4.

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