green note #1 – bring your own bag

2009 May 18, Monday

So here’s the first green note from me.  It’s probably the most heard of and easiest to do.

Bring your own shopping bag when shopping and don’t obtain any bag from vendors unnecessarily.  This will reuse wastage and energy in producing the bags. And PLEASE, PLEASE reuse them as trash bags etc if you have them and not dispose of them.  I think that vendors should charge a small amount for the bags and donate to charitable organizations.  This will both benefit the organizations and discourage shoppers from obtaining bags.  This is what some countries I’ve visited are doing and I think it’s a brilliant idea!


2 Responses to “green note #1 – bring your own bag”

  1. Keith Png said

    Let’s do our part to save the world we are living in:)

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