green note

2009 May 17, Sunday

There’s been a lot of emphasis on going green for years and while I can see there’s been a lot of effort put into it, there are still many people who have not. They are either plain selfish or just ignorant.  I hope for more people to realize that all these environmental issues take a lot of time and effort and cannot worsen or be reversed overnight.  And it totally needs tremendous team effort from all of us!

People in the know can help spread the word and show good examples so that the people who don’t will realize.  I for one have influenced one friend greatly and I’m working on slowly but surely influencing more people.  We all have to do our bits to help ourselves and future generations to be able to live in a comfortable environment.  It will be impossible for the situation to improve I think, but at least not let it worsen so quickly.  What say you?

So I hope I can do my bit here by posting environmental friendly ideas every now and then, either of my own or from elsewhere I’ve come across,  to get more people working towards a better environment.  🙂


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