Yves Saint Laurent summer 2009

2009 May 11, Monday

You can achieve a really dramatic look with YSL this summer with the bright turquoise and shocking pink in the 5 Colour Harmony for Eyes palettes.  If your eyelids get greasy easily, you may want to give the Water-Resistant Eye Shadows a try.  They are soft, sheer and easy to blend.  But for now, they only come in four neutral shades.  I hope more shades will be in the line-up.  And if you are going for neutrals for the eyes and yet want a little drama, brush on the Everlong Mascara Waterproof in a peacock blue shade. 

For the complexion, there is Sun Booster Veil to give you a natural golden radiance.  And as with most brands, there is also a bronzing powder.  The Collector Sun Powder comes in a compact that resembles an artist’s palette.  I think it will make a lovely paperweight on your desk when you are done with the powder.  If you’d like more glam factor, you can add on more shimmer with the Sun Powder. 

Lips are kept moist and sheer here with Rouge Pure Shine.  Go with the darker shade if your eyes are neutral and light if eyes are going dramatic.  😉  

Have fun!


2 Responses to “Yves Saint Laurent summer 2009”

  1. troodee said

    am definitely gonna try the water-resistant eye shadow!

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