summer trend 2009 – The Body Shop

2009 May 11, Monday

The summer trend is hitting the stores.  As always, we’ll get to see lots of bronze and shimmer.  What’s attractive this time is the beautifully packaged products.  Here, I’m sharing with you some of the goodies that will get you junkies out there excited.

Let’s start with The Body Shop‘s very simple and straightforward Hot Brights Summer Make-Up collection.

With just eight easy to use products, you can create several looks with it.  2 items each of eye shadow, eye liner, blush and lip & cheek stain.  All of them with two well coordinated tones for versatility and fun.


2 Responses to “summer trend 2009 – The Body Shop”

  1. Ruth said

    I couldnt agree more 🙂 I bought the duo pink palette for cheeks and i love the entire palette. From the colours to the pretty case that holds the colours 🙂 Couldnt resist! Other than great colours, girls lurve pretty packaging too!

  2. ClaRence said

    Guys love great packaging too. 🙂
    Thank you for visiting my blog. Please check in again for more updates.
    Let’s go green! 🙂


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